Like the Morane in Kansas City, the Nieuport 11 in Indy has been logging some miles going to fly-ins.  The Nieuport was on display with the Morane at the Air Force Museum Fly-in at Dayton last fall.  Additionally, it has made some other trips closer to home.

On display in Dayton you can see the work accomplished on the fuselage
Robert Leming installing the top former for display at the Indianapolis Air Show


 Work on the fuselage has  been going quite well, and the engine has been installed. We are still in the  process of adding an oil filter and fuel pump before we can run the engine, but

that should happen soon. We are also going to do some re-work to the seat, to  ensure that it would meet current standards for in-flight loading. The  instrument panel is also ready for installation.

Lower wings are complete and matched to the fuselage. Next step covering.

We are now in the process of covering the lower wings.  Then it will be two down, and two to go, and we start the upper wings.  By the way, the lower wings are considerably less difficult than the upper ones will be.  Nieuport used a single spar on the lower wings, and there are no ailerons.

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