The Sopwith Pup is in parts production mode at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Dallas.  The jigs have been fine tuned and drying rack constructed.  The students, faculty and staff of this aviation career school are all pitching in various ways to help our project move forward.

A number of students/faculty/staff  have earned a Sopwith Pup T- Shirt  by logging 23 hours (half of the Captain Pratt’s RAF No. 46 Squadron) of activity with the WWI Sopwith Pup aircraft project.  The logged activities include, but are not limited to, actual hands on work, promotion verbally or written and or preparation/cleaning, of the Sopwith Pup project and the work space in the aviation career school hangar and even cooking for the team, as we like to eat!    Once students/faculty/staff have logged 46 hours they will receive a service strip to be ironed on their left sleeve. Every 46 hours logged thereafter will be rewarded with another service strip. This is a community effort and everyone is welcome!


Aviation Institute of Maintenance Sopwith Pup T-Shirtworking on the wings in the aviation career school hangaraviation career school future aircraft mechanics working on the Sopwith Pupaviation career school students lay out all the partsa close up of the partsanother close up of the partsthe bench at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Dallas

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