Sounds like an appetizer order at a restaurant but hardly the case…

The team mechanics at Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Dallas have routed 65 cap strips for the production of main wing ribs A, B, C, D, E and mini “riblets” for the WWI Sopwith Pup aircraft. They also have made fabricated the jigs for cutting and assembling, as well as a drying rack.

The next big item to do will be getting the tooling made from the local machine shop. We are currently looking at two different shops for a bid. After that, the jib and materials needed to fabricate the main landing gear and the rear tail fixture for the WWI Sopwith Pup aircraft are next.

In the shop at the aviation career schoolanother step in the fabrication at the aviation career school hangar

all clamped down at the aviation career schoolmeasuring some riblets at the aviation career school

more measuring at the aviation career school

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