Originally broadcast by KCTV – Faces of Kansas City on August 30, 2012

The student volunteers at Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) in Kansas City were featured on the Faces of Kansas City segment of KCTV channel 5 news.  The students at this aviation career school were billed as working on the “Ultimate Student Project”.  Of course the Morane-Saultier that they have been building was showcased.  There were also some interviews with both students and staff of AIM – Kansas City.  James Shumaker, Chris Hendrix, Patrick Nelson, Marvin Story and James Benton all provided their input on the building of the WWI aircraft.

During the segment, the process used to cover the wings for the WWI aircraft was discussed and shown.  Chris was quoted as saying, “Just like in World War I everything in this aircraft is completely hand-built. We have designed and hand built every aspect of it. We’ve really been working off of photos rather than blueprints.”

Although it was mentioned that the WWI Morane-Saulnier was to be finished in a couple of months and then flown to the Fighter Factory in Virginia Beach, the aircraft is still currently hangared at AIM Kansas City.

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