Professor at AIM Dallas earns Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award

FAA-Charles-Taylor-Master-Mechanic-AwardProfessor and aircraft mechanic extraordinaire, Gerald Longley, from Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) Dallas Metro campus was presented with one of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) most prestigious award for aircraft mechanics.

The Charles Taylor Master Mechanic award is only presented to FAA certified mechanics and repair personnel that have worked for a period of 50 years in an aviation maintenance career.  The award is named in honor of Mr. Charles Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight. The Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior mechanics. Mr. Taylor served as the Wright brothers’ mechanic and is credited with designing and building the engine for their first successful aircraft.

On September 25, surrounded by gutted aircraft and exposed airplane engines, students gathered in the hangar at the AIM Dallas Metro campus.  In ceremonious fashion, FAA representative Kevin Taylor presented Gerald Longley and his wife, Norma, with a certificate and a lapel pin.

Since its inception in 2008, only 1,875 master aircraft mechanics have earned this award, after dedicating 50 years of service, for the dedicated service, technical expertise, professionalism and general contributing to the industry that goes along with it.

“So if you look at it, 50 years is quite a contribution and…passion for what you do. A lot of ethics are involved. Everything that they do have gone into this, and they’re quite gifted people,” Kevin Taylor, the FAA’s representative at the ceremony.

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