Gary Garnes and James Lester
Gary Garnes and James Lester

In our first picture Gary and James are checking the torque tube for proper fit and movability.

10-18-13A 007 Gary is pictured here checking how the parts are lining up and James is in the back ready to help remove the torque tube.

10-18-13A 012 James Lester is marking the torque tube for some more work.

10-18-13A 009 Some of the parts and notice the two brown pieces which are the bushings we make in-house.

10-18-13A 011

The bushings are being made by Chaez Ryder, pictured here.

To keep our Rotec Radial in tip top condition we remove the spark plugs and make sure the cylinders keep lubricated when the engine has not been started in awhile. A makeshift propeller is used to turn the engine over.

Here in our next pictures is Georgi Stanov our Student Spotlight this week.

10-18-13A 003
Temporary prop to turn engine for lubrication.

10-18-13A 002 10-18-13A 005

Georgi Stanov was born in Bulgaria and his family came here to the United States of America in 2002. He liked living in Virginia Beach, Virginia and attended Princess Anne High School.He said he always liked working on cars so much he wanted to take it to another level, aviation. With a degree in Business Administration already in his pocket he is now working on an Aviation Maintenance Technician Engineering certificate from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Chesapeake, Virginia. He is also taking Engineering classes at a local college because like his uncle who was a Space Engineer, Georgi wants to pursue a PH.D. in aerospace.

He likes this WW1 project and has been working on it since his first week of school. He said Avionics class was the best so far because of all the technical data and it was the most challenging. If someone likes mechanics/cars he said this is ten times better, it is a higher level of mechanics!

Enroll at Chesapeake, Virginia Campus and help us build our Nieuport 24 aircraft.
Enroll at Chesapeake, Virginia Campus and help us build our Nieuport 24 aircraft.


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