How to Get Hired in the Aviation Maintenance Industry

How to Get Hired in the Aviation Maintenance Industry | AIM Schools
Here are some tips on how to get hired in the Aviation Maintenance Industry.

Many skilled and qualified technicians acquire training by certification programs that deliver hands on experience and class room training. If you are in the aviation maintenance field – some of these approaches may help you find the career position you have been working for.

When doing a job search on AOL Jobs, there were fifty aviation maintenance technician and mechanic jobs listed in the state of Ohio alone! There is a lot of advice out there about how to get hired and it generally applies to all job searches a beginning career candidate can perform.

Steps for Getting Hired into Your Ideal Job

Most job recruiters and head hunters will tell you that the first place to look is among people you already know, your “network”. Internships, apprentice programs and even where you volunteer to gain experience can become a good job lead.

If you already have an idea of who you want to work for – sometimes offering to volunteer in order to gain experience or prove yourself is a way to get your foot in the door.

Stand-Off-The-Page Resume

It really pays to look and be professional. Sometimes hiring a resume writer is the best way to go. Have your resume written and reviewed by someone very knowledgeable in the field, and ask those you trust for advice about how to get the attention of hiring managers in your specialty.

Inevitably, experience and career advice from those already in the field will remind you about the value of personal relationships, and meeting with the folks you want to work with in person.

Again, it is a great idea to identify where it is you want to work, and make an appointment to speak with the hiring manager.  If you are having trouble getting in for an interview, try asking for an informational interview only.  Ask that manager lots of questions about “what they look for in a job candidate”, “what’s the one thing that makes a candidate stand out”, etc., but whatever you do, if you use this technique, DO NOT ask for a job!  If they are impressed with you, they may offer you a job, but asking for an informational interview to learn about the industry and then asking for a job is generally not acceptable in any industry.  It goes to character, or lack of it.

Tried and True Approaches

The tried and true approaches of firm handshakes with direct eye contact are key-subtle communication’s telling of reliability and character – as is dressing appropriately for the set and setting. Many managers in the field still use this method of evaluating a candidate.

Of course experience and training are critical.  As is understanding how to highlight your own skills, showcasing your competence in just a few words, as well as knowing what certifications, registrations and training your potential employer will be looking for.

Make sure you choose a training program that is recognized by the industry as providing the highest-quality education and training possible, and make good use of all the services and advantages available for job placement from whichever aviation mechanic training program you may become involved in.

Links to Potential Employers and Hiring Managers in the Aviation Industry

We have assembled a listing of website links to help you identify this market and your potential employment opportunities. This should give you a clear idea of what is currently available, and how you can make contact.

Aviation Jobs Overseas

U.S. State Department U.S. Dept. of Defense U.S. State Dept. of State (Iraq jobs)
D.F.I.D. U.S.A.I.D. U.S. State Dept. of State (Afghan. jobs)
Gulf Job Sites Dot Com REED UK Jobs Abroad (Afghanistan)
Fluor Jobs Dot Com Jobs Abroad (Iraq)

We hope you find this article helpful and wish you nothing but the best in your search for a career in the aviation maintenance industry. If you find yourself lacking the proper training credentials, certificates or experience, please feel free to learn more about the Aviation Institute of Maintenance and the career training programs we offer nationwide!

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