How to Get Hired in the Aviation Combination Welding Industry

How to Hired in the Combination Welding Industry | AIM

Combination Welding Education

The aerospace industry involves the practice of assembling aircrafts and aerospace machines by highly skilled workers. If you are interested in this kind of career you may attend a technical or community college. This is where you will obtain a post secondary training in combination welding. The US military and training also provides relevant education and training. An associate degree program will usually encompass the following studies:

  • Welding industry fundamentals
  • Technical arithmetic
  • Health and safety
  • Gas metal arc welding
  • Thermal cutting
  • Blueprint reading
  • Welding theory
  • Welding values and codes

In addition you will also attend the following classes under the soldering program: electrical circuit, microprocessors, soldering technology, electrical safety, digital electronics and electrical power distribution. The education you receive prepares you to become a certified welder with hands on experience. Therefore, the programs are a combination of academics and on-job training. The training usually lasts up to one year. During this period, the main focus will be on welding symbols, welding procedures, correct aerospace hardware handling, and also cleaning methods.


The importance of certification is emphasized since it will greatly affect your future employment prospects. You can only be hired as an aviation welder after having demonstrated a degree of knowledge and excellence in the field. You should also be able to observe safety standards. In order to be certified, you need to complete a course on soldering workmanship alongside passing the examination on combination welding. The certification can be obtained through the American welding society.

Aviation welding certificates are not transferable and become invalid if a long time has passed since you were employed. Also, if you were accredited by the AWS test facility, you will be expected to submit your forms and $10 to the AWS every 6 months and keep an active record of welding activity within the same period. In the event where you acquired the certification and have stayed dormant for a long period of time, then your certification becomes invalid. This is an aim to ensure that only those who have real hands-on experience can break into the job market. If you are self-employed, you need to possess documentation proving that you have been welding under the required procedure and adhering to a certain welding code. Welding certification also depends on these factors:

  • Welding code
  • Positions to weld material on
  • Process involved
  • Thickness certified to weld


As from 2009, welding and soldering operators were expected to earn an annual salary of $32,750. According to the U.S Bureau Of Labor and Statistics, [BLS] those operators who worked in aerospace parts and product manufacturing received an annual salary of $40,160.

Code of conduct

Structural welding requires compliance to the American Welding society. The welding procedure must be qualified and you are only limited to practice your career within the limitations of the test by which you took before becoming a certified welder. Therefore if you were certified to weld a certain thickness in a certain position that is what you will abide by.

Working environment

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, working at the aviation industry offers one a unique opportunity to make an impact on the whole world. You will be part of a dynamic team of professionals who utilize the most advanced technological procedures, while maintaining safety and integrity standards of the profession. In such a challenging work environment you could have a rewarding career while exploring the world and making a truly great impact.

For more information about combination welding career training, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance Aircraft Mechanic School Programs is where you can learn more. Visit our Consumer Information Disclosure page, Gainful Employment Disclosure and Consumer Information.

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