Where Are The Best Aircraft Mechanic Jobs?

Where Are The Best Aircraft Mechanic Jobs? | AIM

If you enjoy doing maintenance and repair work, are very disciplined, and can handle pressure, you should give some serious consideration to becoming a certified aircraft mechanic. In this type of career you can reasonably expect to earn about $55,350 though the airport where you work and your experience will determine your salary.

Becoming an Aircraft Mechanic

In order to gain employment as an aircraft mechanic, you’ll need to be certified and certification requires a great deal of experience. This can be a catch-22. The best way to handle the situation will be attending a formal training program. The FAA is willing to consider the time you spend in this vocational training program to be the same as experience and will grant you approval to work at airports all over the world. After completing your training program, you have two years to pass the FAA aircraft mechanic’s exam. The exam consists of written, oral, and practical application sections.

Where to Work – Some interesting places you may not have thought of…

Once you’ve received you’re aircraft mechanic certification and you’re ready to work, you’ll have to choose an airport where you’ll spend your working hours. When you’re looking at posting for available aircraft mechanics, you need to consider your personality, the work environment, and the needs of your family.

Besides the obvious aviation hubs like:

  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Duncan Aviation
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Southwest Airlines

…to name a few. Here are some others you may not have thought of:

Los Angeles World Airport

After you’ve completed your airplane mechanic certification exam, you should give some serious consideration to moving to Los Angels and working at the Los Angeles World Airport. The L.A.W.A. has an excellent reputation for treating their employees with a great deal of respect. The airport is large enough that you’ll be able to work regular hours and can fully expect the work to stay steady year round.

Things you’ll enjoy about L.A.W.A. include:

  • Employee ride share programs
  • Free parking
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Several employee award programs

The one down side to working at L.A.W.A. is that when you start out, you will most likely be working the night shift.

Gerald Ford International Airport

Compared to other international airports, the Gerald Ford International Airport isn’t very big, but this can be a good thing. The smaller size means you’ll enjoy a closer relationship with your co-workers. Every single member of the team will take pride in their work and the airport management prefers to see quality work and never pushes to have jobs completed ahead of schedule.

The airport is located on the outer edges of Grand Rapids in Michigan, which is a great place to live, especially if you’re raising a family. You’ll find the location makes it possible for you to enjoy a great job, the convenience of living near a large city, and the ability to find a home in the rural areas found just past the airport.

Employee benefits include:

  • Paid leave time
  • An excellent health care plan
  • Defined Pension Plan
  • Retiree Healthcare Options
  • Tuition Reimbursement

Denver International Airport

If you crave a busy work life, you’ll love working at the Denver International Airport. It’s one of the major airport hubs in the world and it runs year round. The airport employees are approximately 30,000, making it Colorado’s largest employer. The high number of planes that fly in and out of the airport means employees will be expected to work regular shifts, be very detailed oriented, and very organized.

Benefits you can expect when you work for the Denver International include:

  • Full benefits
  • Great location
  • Competitive salary
  • Interesting co-workers

For more information about aviation maintenance training, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance Aircraft Mechanic School Programs is where you can learn more. Visit our Consumer Information Disclosure page, Gainful Employment Disclosure and Consumer Information.

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