How to Outsmart Your Peers When Seeking Aviation Industry Employment

How To Outsmart Your Peers When Seeking Aviation Industry Employment - AIM
The aviation industry is changing fast due to advances in high technology, and the advancement of new developments in engine performance. When aircraft mechanics are trained along the cutting edges of maintenance and performance for aircraft actively flying today – there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of landing the perfect job in this industry.

Attend The Best Possible Certification Training Program

There are strict certification mandates required to be able to work on specific aspects of airplane engines and other critical systems. Choosing the technical certification program with the best reputation can help keep you targeted for your ideal position.

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a program is to look into the job placement statistics for graduated students. Find out what positions a graduate is typically hired into – as well as what their starting pay scale is.

It can also be a great idea to check how long they last in their first position, and if they have remained in this field. If an aviation program is less than quality – it will show in the field results of graduated students.

Decide Who You Want To Work For and Focus On Qualifying

There are varying levels of technicians and certifications. Make certain you are clear on your goals and levels of starting base pay before choosing your program.

If you already know whom you wish to work for in the aviation industry – it is a powerful strategy to obtain the application for your position, and introduce yourself to the hiring manager, while letting them know you have chosen their department and field for when you have graduated.

Make sure during your course work that you attend to obtaining all of the qualifications listed on your ideal-job position description and application.

Meet With Those You Wish to Work With and Ask For Advice

Regardless if it is online or in person – find a way to interact with those you desire to have as your co-workers. Most people are willing to provide advice and support about a specific job or position. If helpfulness is possible, many times people will accommodate a direct request.

Many companies – such as Boeing – have websites where it is possible to not only discover more about the company and available jobs – but they have contact options, forums and blogs where questions and comments can be posted as well.

If it is at all possible, you should take a tour of the department, and meet the staff you would potentially work with. Face to face meetings with people always leaves an impression and can move you closer to having a relationship that can offer genuine value.

The Power Of Volunteering in the Aviation Industry

The word volunteer can also be translated as direct experience. If you are clear on whom you want to work for – you can make yourself valuable by offering to volunteer for the benefit of gaining experience. This offers an opportunity to become familiar with a company’s policies, people and expectations.

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