10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow About the Aviation Industry

10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow About the Aviation Industry | AIM

Anyone with ambitions to start a career in the aviation industry likely has a few questions about what exactly the job entails. Although the aviation business is still fairly young, a wealth of information is available on sites like Pinterest to help narrow the field. Everything from the profession’s earliest history, to famous planes and even the mechanical workings of current day planes are just a few of the subjects covered by aviation enthusiasts and professionals on Pinterest. The ten best Pinterest boards about aviation follow.

1. Popular Mechanics Aviation

The magazine known for its automotive content has a Pinterest board dedicated solely to aviation. The content is mostly links to articles from popularmechanics.com, but they’re interesting and unique. The links include advice, how-to’s, and news from the aviation industry.

2. Aviation Explorer

AE is an amazingly expansive board, with separate boards about aviation topics ranging from vintage aviation photos, military airplanes, seating charts, and even nose art. For anyone who is more than just a casual fan of aviation, this is a great board to follow.

3. Net Maquettes

A self-proclaimed “history buff” who also maintains a blog on military equipment of WWII. The author maintains a gallery of lots of pics, but especially of planes used for fighting in WWII.

4. Sky Today

Proclaiming “The sky is not the limit” is the call of this board from the website sky-today.com. The board posts aviation-related news, culled from around the web and posted on the Sky-today.com site.

5. Kohl Glass

Glass maintains a beautiful selection of photos of war planes on his exhaustive Pinterest board. In addition to images of planes, old and new, Glass also posts aviation-related pictures.

6. Aviation Queen

If your aviation interests are more specialized, you must check out the Pinterest board belonging to Benet Wilson, aka Aviation Queen. She has one board dedicated to Boeing 747s, which is well worth the visit.

7. Girls and Aviation [NSFW]

Aviation is sexy on this board, which features more than 500 pins of scantily-clad (and some nude) ladies with airplanes, on airplanes, and around airplanes. It’s definitely not recommended for viewing from work, but some of the photos are truly artistic and beautiful.

8. Sporty’s Pilot Shop

According to its Pinterest profile, Sporty’s is “The world’s largest pilot shop … since 1961”. Its pins and boards testify to that fact. With 11 total boards and nearly 1,500 pins, Sporty’s has myriad information curated on the board. The topics range from “Good Aviation Reading” to “Aviation Headsets,” and even a board dedicated to “Learning to Fly”.

9. Aviation Humor and Fun

If aviation cartoons are what you crave, check out this board with its collection of cartoons and memes. Admittedly, some of the items posted are probably only funny for pilots or flight attendants, but it’s still worth a look if you’re not employed in the aviation industry.

10. Dieselpunk

Most of the pins on this board are of aviation history, but some do lead to automobiles. The focus of the board is on vintage travel, particularly air travel. You’ll find plenty of black-and-white photos, and a decent array of information about female pilots through the years.

Obviously, this list is just a small sampling of the plethora of information  about aviation available online. Search for boards that cater to your specific areas of interest for more informative and educational pins about the art of flying.

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