Aviation Institute of Maintenance offers Scholarships through Imagine America

Aviation Institute of Maintenance offers Scholarships through Imagine America | AIM

Learning aviation maintenance does not have to make a career dream a financial nightmare. The financing department helps student navigate the complex maze of federal financial aid, grants, and scholarships. One scholarship resource available to potential students considering the Aviation Institute of Maintenance includes The Imagine America Foundation.

The Imagine America Foundation started in 1982 and provides scholarships, financial aid guidance, research, and faculty training for career colleges. It offers scholarship programs available to recent high school graduates, adult learners looking for a new career, and military personnel. The options in this program can help you finance your aviation maintenance training.

Imagine America Foundation Scholarship Programs

Over 1,000 career colleges, including Aviation Institute of Maintenance, participate with Imagine America. While it provides many services to the career college community, it is best-known for scholarship programs. Covering a wide range of age groups and backgrounds, it offers the following programs:

  • Imagine America High School Scholarship Program. This program is open to high school seniors likely to graduate. Applicants must secure a grade point average of 2.5 or greater, show a good record of voluntary community service, and prove financial need.
  • Adult Skills Education Program (ASEP).  The ASEP is available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents over the age of 19 who intend to enroll in a participating vocational college.  Eligibility requirements vary by college and need to be discussed with the financial aid department first. Applicants cannot be a previous recipient of Imagine America scholarships and will need to complete the NCCT Educational Success Potential Assessment.
  • Military Award Program. Open to veterans and other military personnel, included reservists. This program was designed to help service men and women transition into civilian life. Applicants must intend to enroll in a participating school and be a veteran, reservist, or honorably discharged member of the armed services who shows financial need. Like the ASEP, this program is not open to previous recipients of Imagine America scholarships.

In 2013, Imagine America awarded 8,468 scholarships of $1,000.00 each. Since Imagine America allows schools to determine how many awards are needed by their entering students, Imagine America does not cap the number of scholarships awarded each year.

Steps in Applying for Imagine America

The first step in applying for an Imagine America scholarship is determining eligibility.  This is done by the school you wish to attend. For the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, start the process by filling out the enrollment application. Once that is complete, we will schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid Officer. Please bring proof of citizenship and your high school diploma (or equivalent) to this meeting.

If we determine that you meet our standards for this scholarship, you can proceed with your application on the Imagine America website. Depending on the scholarship you are pursuing, follow the appropriate link below:

Each of these links will take you to a brief description of the program and contains an “Apply Now” link after the description.  Other links available on this page include a list of qualifications, information about the application process, and an option to check on the status of your application once you have submitted materials.  Keeping that page bookmarked for future reference will help you check in and stay informed on the process.

For more information, check out the appropriate FAQ. Imagine America can be a great resource for those seeking vocational training. Even $1,000 can make a difference in making this educational affordable and easing student debt burdens. Contact us at 1-8888-FIX-JETS to learn more about our campus locations, programs, and financing options. Visit our Consumer Information Disclosure page, Gainful Employment Disclosure and Consumer Information.

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