What would you say about a company that pays about five weeks annual pay in bonuses?

Wow, I sure would like a career with that company! Well here is how you do that. Start off with a plan to get a good paying skill, become a certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. The need for aircraft mechanics will always be there so why not start at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Chesapeake, Virginia. We have a great program and a support system that helps you along your way from start to finish. Imagine after finishing our program and getting your tests completed to become a certified FAA aircraft mechanic and getting hired with Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air. These are the two companies that are paying their employees five weeks annual pay in bonuses. Now that is what I would say is a good career move!

Alaska Air Group has also contributed $620 million over the past six years to its defined benefit pension plans, which were fully funded in 2013 according to a recent article dated January 26, 2015.

There are choices to make in life and the choices you make have consequences and I bet the employees who work for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are very happy they made the decision to work there.

We can help you get the skills needed to work there. Give us a call and take a tour of our aviation school and step on the path to your success. Call 757-363-2121 and ask for a free tour of our school.

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