rancho_hs_AML2On Friday, October 16th, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Las Vegas campus sponsored the 2nd Annual STEM Conference in conjunction with Ranch High School. Rancho High School is a magnet school with a concentrated academic program in Aviation.

Twenty high school students ranging from seniors to sophomores attended the conference. The conference agenda included three workshops where students learned about aviation mechanics and had the opportunity to interact with a panel of industry experts in industry discussion, questions and answers.

The workshops were provided by AIM-LV and our A&P instructors taught the high school students about Reciprocating Engines (Phillip Swibies, Instructor) and Helicopters (Paul Hungerford, Instructor). The Aviation Professional Panel members included Directors of Maintenance, Human Resource Partners, the President and Founder of Nevada Business Aviation Association, Managers of Line Maintenance, and Presidents of Helicopters firms in the valley. These business affiliations included Southwest Airlines, Southwest Gas Corporation – Aviation Division, Papillon/Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines, and Sundance Helicopters.

It is with great appreciation that our employer partners continue to contribute the success of our campus and to the growing interest in building the aviation industry in the State of Nevada. We will actively continue our relationship with the local community aviation associations and companies who have selected our campus as a pipeline resource for A&P Mechanics!

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