As the last weeks of 2015 approached, Orlando was filled with winter tourists’ melodies of the season. The students at AIM Orlando were checking their school calendar, counting the days left before their winter break; a time of no classes, no books, no projects and a time of traditional cultural and family celebrations. At AIM Orlando, the sounds of power tools were slowly being replaced with sounds of melodies and songs.

On the last Thursday before the winter break, there was a sense of excitement and expectation around the school. The hallways filled with music, and as the hours passed, the songs grew louder and louder. Students and instructors were singing, all in anticipation of the “Winter Break Celebration…Singing in the Hangar!” All were working together to have their best presentation in a singing contest.

Everyone gathered in the hangar—the student body, faculty, and administrative staff. And the space was set for this concert! Judges were present, Ms. Ramirez, CAD. Mr. Romeo, the DOA and Ms. Esteban, the FAO. The program started with a soft humming and ended up in loud cheers and everyone singing along. The cheers from the student body, faculty and staff were loud, encouraging their favorite singers and groups. The classrooms were represented well and the solos were phenomenal too.

“A Winter Break Celebration…Singing in the Hangar” was EPIC! The audience was treated to good music, a presentation of the 2015 year in pictures, and a speech and song from our school director, Mr. Moore. The three best singers from the day and evening shifts each won tools and the two best class songs won a pizza lunch with their class upon return from winter break. What an awesome and fun-filled way to send our students off on their Winter Break!

Check out the pictures from this awesome day below!












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