Jasta 6 – Rotec engines

I too have been in touch with Jim at Rotec. He provided me most of the same information that I’ve seen on the blog. We have the R3800, including the VDO instrument package and mount, in our preliminary budget. Sign us up for one R3800!!! […]

Rotec email offering

Guys, here is the email from Jim at Rotec offering us the discount. Hi John. I’m Jim and I’m Paul’s Dad. Paul has filled me in on the substance of what has occurred with detail on all matters including the postings on the Aerodrome Forum. […]

The Kaiser’s Air Force – Update

At present we have 26 students and 5 faculty interested and are chomping at the bit to get started! We have selected an engine (Rotec R3600) and found a source for machine guns (Repligun). Wheels, propeller, fabric etc.  are in work. Any suggestions would be welcome in this […]

Plans and Planning

Greetings from Indy: I have not personally done all the leg work to this point but would say that Jason Jackson has been extremely valuable to us so far in the early stages of this project.  Jason is teaching full time for us now and […]

fabric selection

I would like a clearification of the rules of engagement for fabric. I know we are looking for authentic but have been told that we should not go for the old style as it needs recover too often. Also, the old style kept shrinking and […]

plans ordered

We have ordered our plans from Replicraft for the Pup. Jim Kiger has plans for other aircraft also. I’ve talked with builders and viewed projects completed and under way using his plans and they are first rate. His plans were used to build the SE5a […]

Nieuport 11

This is the area where most of the construction will take place. It was a flight attendent training area, but now we use it for indoc and potential employer briefings. It should be well suited for the job.


I will not be posting much in this message as I am just learning how to use this tool.  We have ordered plans for our aircraft and are working with a small number of dedicated students to pull together a budget and a plan of […]