Nieuport 11

This is the area where most of the construction will take place. It was a flight attendent training area, but now we use it for indoc and potential employer briefings. It should be well suited for the job.


I will not be posting much in this message as I am just learning how to use this tool.  We have ordered plans for our aircraft and are working with a small number of dedicated students to pull together a budget and a plan of […]

The Kaiser’s Air Force

Your right about Rotec! We have already been in touch with them and pretty much have decided on the R3600 with mount and the VDO instrument package. They also have composite props that you can purchase and just came out with exhaust collector rings.  They […]

Engine Info

FYI Rotec offers a new radial engine for sale at a fair price R2800 (110hp) or R3600 (150hp) they will even help with some engeering for the mounting. If you plan on using a radial engine you should go to there web site and ck […]