AIM Host STEM Summer Camp

Aviation Institute of Maintenance’s Jet Tech STEM Camp will provide participants a preview into the school’s FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technician program. Written by Jul DeGeus Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) will be offering a glimpse into the world of aircraft maintenance through its annual […]

AIM and Fulcrum Labs Take Home Top Honor in CLO Magazine’s 2019 Learning in Practice Awards

Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM), the nation’s largest provider of FAA-certified aviation maintenance education, and Fulcrum Labs, the industry leader in AI-powered adaptive learning technology, analytics and training outcomes, announced that they have been awarded gold in the “Excellence in Partnership” category of CLO Magazine’s […]

AIM Joins Industry Leaders to Raise Awareness for Careers in Aviation Maintenance, Commits to Support Choose Aerospace Campaign

The aviation industry faces dire challenges as it strives to recruit enough technicians to keep aircraft flying and airlines operating.  Boeing recently reported that the shortage of FAA-certified aircraft technicians has caused a vacuum within the airlines, and 189,000 trained technicians will be needed within […]