Just a brief update as the Morane begins to grow its tail feathers, and legs.  The wood for the spars and wing ribs has been backordered for a couple of more weeks, so the students who have been getting ready to build wings have been helping […]

Begining to Round Things Out

While we haven’t posted any pictures for a while, it didn’t mean we weren’t working.  It’s just that doing the finish welding on the fuselage didn’t really change the look much. While that was going on, a lot of little pieces were under construction.  Now […]

Taking on a third dimension

After a week of working on 2-dimensional pieces, the fuselage sides were placed vertical on Thursday and the students began installing cross braces and squaring the fuselage.   By mid-day Friday the first cross braces had been tack-welded in place.  This involves a process of fitting a tube, […]