Jasta 6 Cutting Metal and Jigs

This week we had the students cut wood for jigs on the fuselage build table. After completing that task we started cutting metal for the fuselage jigs!!!! We have also been in contact with our wood supplier and they are working on our order. All […]

Jasta 6

It was a slow week due to the holiday and the efforts we had to put forth to prepare the school for our first Powerplant classes that will start in August. With the departure of Mike Harris, Pete Ihrisky has picked up the football and […]

Jasta 6

We have received our first shipment of metal and should receive the remainder this week.  Whether we receive the remainder or not we will start cutting metal this week! We also have leveled all of our work tables in preparation for the fuselage build. Our […]

Jasta 6 Moving On!

It’s Friday once again and time to bring everyone up to date on the goings on at Jasta 6. The week was very productive. All of our tooling has been set up and calibrated, more work than we anticipated, but a success! Our build tables […]

Jasta 6 Update

Most of the tooling we ordered has arrived and is currently being assembled and set up. The actual work area has been cleared and a large drafting table has been erected which we will use for drawings during the build process. Selection of our core […]

Jasta 6 Layout Work

Our layout efforts continue on with more students coming on board. They can’t wait to use some of the tooling we aquired such as the metal cutters, drill press and planers. We’ll continue to roll in more students as the work load increases and becomes more […]