Jasta 6 – Rotec engines

I too have been in touch with Jim at Rotec. He provided me most of the same information that I’ve seen on the blog. We have the R3800, including the VDO instrument package and mount, in our preliminary budget. Sign us up for one R3800!!! […]

The Kaiser’s Air Force – Update

At present we have 26 students and 5 faculty interested and are chomping at the bit to get started! We have selected an engine (Rotec R3600) and found a source for machine guns (Repligun). Wheels, propeller, fabric etc.  are in work. Any suggestions would be welcome in this […]

The Kaiser’s Air Force

Your right about Rotec! We have already been in touch with them and pretty much have decided on the R3600 with mount and the VDO instrument package. They also have composite props that you can purchase and just came out with exhaust collector rings.  They […]