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Our Human Factors course engages trainees in understanding and applying safety, precaution, and psychological factors to airport and aircraft safety. This course blends an interactive environment of learning with thought-provoking examples for the student to understand and apply to their roles within an aviation career. The introductory course is free for all enrollees and may be applied toward a full certification in Human Factors from Aviation Institute of Maintenance. For students in our on-campus programs, inquire with your Aviation Institute of Maintenance campus registrar for more information on Human Factors.

This course is avocational in nature and is not included in ACCSC’s scope of accreditation – not Title IV eligible. For more consumer information, please click here.

The 5 Benefits Of Our Training Course

  • Fast - Finish your certification in one sitting.
  • Rewarding - Help make your resume stand out.
  • Convenient - Take online at home or on campus.
  • Interactive - Includes video training and uses scenario based learning.
  • Educational - Your guide to a comprehensive airport safety certification.

Complete The Full Training Course For $49

  • Overview of Human Factors
  • The Swiss Cheese Model of Error Incidents
  • The Dirty Dozen: Top Mistakes Made in the Industry
  • Preventing Accidents and Incidents

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