Team Manassas has opted to round out the AIM collection of Word War I aircraft by adding a British entry.  They will be building an Avro 504K.

The Avro 504 was built by the Avro company, and under licence by others.  The first 504 was built in 1913.  Production totalled 8,340 and continued for almost twenty years. It was used by both the Royal Flying Corps and the Roal Naval Air Service as a trainer, bomber and reconnaissance plane.

The 504 was the first airplane to strafe troops on the ground as well as the first to make a bombing raid over Germany.  It was also the first Allied airplane to be downed by enemy anti-aircraft fire.  The plane was withdrawn from frontline service in the summer of 1915 but remained the standard British trainer for the rest of the war.

The 504 is easily recognizable because of the single skid between the wheels.



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