As you all know Aim Philadelphia is building a Nieuport 17. We had looked a several sets of plan and were not sure if we wanted to stay with our original choice of aircraft. After having a lengthy discussion with our local EAA expert on vintage WWI aircraft and available plans we decided to stick with our choice the Nieuport 17.

We ordered our plans from Redfern today. The redfern plans have the fuselage and control surfaces are made of steel tubing, but the wing is still all wood. The original was all wood except for the control surfaces. Our students are eager to get the plans in hand and to get started working (I will post picture soon). We have a lot of catching up to do! This project was estimated to be about 3000 man hours to complete. Our budget is only an estimate at this time but should be finalized and ready for submitting as soon as we get our plans. We are contemplating the Rotec 2800 because it will look good on our aircraft but are a little concerned that it is bigger in diameter than the original engine.

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