Two of our students this week we very busy making forming jigs


Here is one of our students in the process of tube bending. This procedure was accomplished by first filling the tube with sand and then capping off the ends before bending the tube. The tube is cut a little longer than needed for this procedure, because after the correct radius is formed we will remove the capped ends.  Some tubing will get a 3/16″  hole drilled,  which permitts an anti-corrosion perservative to be added later.


This student will layout the fuselage degree after he finishes installing the graph paper.



We have picked our ace. Last week we had two aces that we were considering, Cristoffel Venter and Charles Nungesser. The “Knight of Death” Charles Nungesser has scored another victory with us. Our Neiuport 24 will have his markings on the aircraft. Charles ended the war with a total of 45 victories.

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