Some much needed welding is being done on the fuselage in our first picture. In the second frame we added another electrical panel and the last picture the battery box gets another coat of paint.

We followed the Redfern drawings on the fuel tank but realized since we added toe brakes we are going to have to modify the tank. In one of the pictures you can see a line on the bottom going all the way across the tank. This is the part we are going to trim off which will give the pilot enough room to use the toe brakes without any chance of hitting their shins on the bottom of the tank. Please click on all pictures to expand.

This February 21st and 22nd our school is hosting an EAA Workshop. Saturday and Sunday will be packed full of great information. There are classes for Dope and Fabric, Electrical Wiring, Composites, and a Saturday Night Kit Building Session with pizza.  Please see the EAA webpage for costs and times of classes.   



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