One term used to describe the style of aileron where the end of the control surface extends forward of the hinge line and forms a part of the wing tip is “Elephant Ears.”  I suppose the shape of this extension, in many cases, does somewhat resemble a pachyderms appendage.  At any rate, this is the design used on the Morane AI, and we had only a scant few details on the original construction.
A view of the aileron design shows how it comes forward of the hinge line, and becomes a part of the wing tip design. Details of support structure used in aileron design

The basic shape was relatively easy to obtain, but details on the internal structure were not available.  It took a lot of research and application of TLAR engineering principles to finally arrive at a solution that provides both the look, and the structural integrity that we were looking for.

While the ailerons were being finished, work on the engine exhaust system also has resumed.  After many telephone calls, procuring the correct welding rod and stainless steel sheet material, and more than a few practice pieces, the exhaust collector is going back together in its new (and much closer) position.  This re-build was necessary to compensate for the difference in the clearance available on the Morane compared to the Yak the system was designed for.

Exhaust components being reworked to fit the Morane Manufacturing new exhaust clamps to complete the engine conversion for installation on the Morane.

When the exhaust system is complete, we can position the engine and begin fabrication of the engine mount – at least a temporary one.  We will not determine the final dimensions for the engine mount until after we have weighed the aircraft and calculated a trial weight and balance.  It is a whole lot easier to adjust the center of gravity by moving the engine forward or aft a couple of inches than to accomplish most other design modifications commonly used to ensure a proper EWCG range.

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