This Nieuport 24 (N24) is a student project with the guidance from our FAA certified Airframe and PowerPlant instructors (A&P). Our students come from all over the United States and from other countries. One of the students pictured here is Vong Oulay who is sanding on the lower wing. Vong is from Bowling Green, Kentucky and now is working on the N24 aircraft. He said that this is “awesome” to be able to work on a project like this to gain more hands on experiences. Being a new student Vong is taking advantages of all the schools many opportunities to succeed and the N24 project is just one of them. He has done a lot of flying visiting family in Thailand and on one of those flights he decided to become an aircraft mechanic. Reading the Daily News in Bowling Green he saw an advertisement for our schools and called for more information. Vong decided to enroll in our aviation maintenance technician program and his goals are to get his A&P and get a job as a civilian working for the military or work in another country, either way he is ecstatic about being here and doing something he loves.

One of our top instructors Mr. Joe Eggers (A&P) is pictured here in the blue shirt helping our students getting the adhesive ready to be applied to the wood to make a wing spar. Joe has been with this project from the very beginning and is our in-house “engineer” for the N24. Here he is pictured with numerous students accomplishing a very important task in the construction of the wing. Please click on all pictures to enlarge. Thank you.



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