Our welding crew has been doing an outstanding job working on the frame, and have made enough progress to remove it from the jig. Everyone has become even more enthused about the project since it's removal. Today we had quite a few students come in to work with us on the Nieuport, and have made even more progress. We all would like to thank one of our newest teammates Mark Overpeck for volunteering his welding skills. Mark has also recently received his Nieuport T-shirt for volunteering so many hours to the project. Not to forget, we would also like to thank Steve Barrick for his dedication, hard work, and expertise in getting the frame to this point. We would also like to welcome Josh Morgan to team, he is our newest teammate, and has been concentrating on the fabrication of the torque tube control stick assembly, and doing a great job at that! Jason Meadows, and Steve Baucum have been working diligently on the fabrication of stabilizer parts, frame parts, and much more, great job guys! Bill McMahan, our fearless leader, has had his hands full coordinating each and every phase of this project, as well as pitching in to help whenever needed. Thanks Bill!

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