The student standing next to the Nieuport 24 (N24) and sanding one of the lower wings is a new team member for the N24 student project. John Sanders Jr. is seen here sanding down the wood to apply more varnish which helps protect the wood. John comes from up state New York from a town called Clifton Springs. He saw an ad in the Finger Times about the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) and called for more information and decided to come to our school here in Chesapeake, Virginia. He had a choice of nine different locations/campuses around the United Stated to enroll in, but we are glad he is here. John already brings in some good experience in aviation. Along with his father they built a two seat 200mph fully aerobatic sport plane called a Sonex. They purchased the kit and engine went to the workshops and now his father and himself enjoy going flying in it. John said his passion started with aviation because of his father’s background, he owns Richland Airport in New York. John is focused on getting his degree and also taking our Avionics classes. After all is done he said he will get employment in the Syracuse, New York area and have a life long career in aviation.

Also in this weeks blog Anna Brown is mixing up adhesive to apply to those small wooden “U” shaped pieces that are in front of her. In the next picture you can see one installed above the turn buckle. We needed to change our instrument panel which is covered by the red cloth. Check back next week to see the new panel. Please click on all pictures to enlarge.






We have a great school here, give us a call !


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