Rotec 3600 run stand
Rotec 3600 run stand


The run stand is on hold until the oil and fuel tank are welded, that will hopefuly be soon, only thing lacking is fuel and oil lines and then it will be ready to run.

Work on the Sopwith is moving along. We are making the last of the pieces to attach the axels to each other, then the aircraft can sit on it’s own gear. We have a new student helping on this project, April Stigler. April is in her second term here in Atlanta, and has volunteered her help on the Sopwith project. In the photo she is laying out the top piece for the fulcrum joint that attaches both axels to each other.

We are at a point now when we will have to make a choice of which brake sytem to use. Clevelands are the first choice at this time, but it may change. We have decided not to use a rudder bar as it would make attaching brake pedals difficult. We are going to use rudder pedals to actuate the rudder and the brakes, we have some used Cessna units we may modify for the Sopwith. As usual there are many decisions to make on every new piece we build.

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