Tim and Travis receiving 25 hour shirts from Marvin Story
note the rod ends in the struts needing welding to complete
Visual progress
fittings & rod ends
Josh getting 25 hour shirt from Marvin Story
Josh & Marvin working the wires
finished, but unrigged, left wing strut wires (cables)

As mentioned in our last posting, lots of effort has been focused on wing attach fittings and the wing support struts. There have been many hours spent by a dedicated core of students measuring, making patterns, laying out, cutting, bending, clamping, unclamping and bending again, clamping, having rod ends machined at a local shop, fitting rod ends into the tubes that are going to be the actual wing struts etc…..etc….etc. You kind of get the idea….we hope.

These guys ARE dedicated!! Tim, Travis, Josh, each shown with project manager Marvin Story and their project tee shirts they earned for completing 25+ hours work, have been faithfully volunteering to do the tasks mentioned above in our shop which has been a balmy 88 to 99 degrees F since the middle of July.

We’re hoping to have the wing totally off of the wooden supports soon.

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