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Varnishing Ribs

This week has been a great week for the Sopwith. Progress is being made on many fronts. We are building two ribs a day, and it will not be long until we are done with that tedious job. Our welder has been busy catching up with all the welding projects. One of the photos shows Hassan El Kadery, Desmond Parks and William Meneses varnishing the ribs. The other photo is the logo of the Sopwith Company, a local company volunteered to digitize the logo so we can have decals made for the Strutter. This week we are attaching the fitting to the tail section so we can mount the stabilizer. We are also re-engineering the stabilizer jack screw attachment so that the unit can be removed in case of a mechanical problem later on. With the help of the dedicated students this project is back on tract and getting to a point where we can see a completed aircraft in the near future.

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