Aft center section attach hardware
Rotec Service bulletin inspection

This week at AIM Atlanta we accomplished a mandatory bulletin on the Rotec 3600, had to pull the gear reduction housing and look at the cam gear. Our engine checked out fine will repeat inspection in 25 hours. The Strutter got the attach points for it’s stabilizer welded to the frame. Was a bit of a challenge as they had to be at 3 degrees forward slant when finished, as we progressed with the welding the attchments kept wanting to move with the heat from the welding, in the end though we got them were they should be. Working this week on putting the hinges on the vertical and rudder, continue with rib construction. Have started on the airbrake ribs also. The progress on the Strutter is continuing at a steady pace, with the new start we hope to get a few more volunteers.

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