The dust has been knocked off the parts, the work tables have been arranged, tools have been staged, and the AIM Dallas WWI Building Team has revived the process of constructing a Sopwith Pup.  The excitement and participation has been outstanding.  The whole campus is eager to see considerble progress in the months to come.  Here are some photos of what’s happening in Dallas.


The tools and equipment dedicated to the Pup’s construction have been unpacked and are being setup.
The equipment is being checked for safety, and setup to begin production of the parts for the Pup.


A stack of ribs have been sawn and await the installation of capstrips.

The project is not all work and no play.  Airplanes are supposed to be fun too!  The team took time out for a potluck lunch.  Great food and lots of fun!

L to R - Matthew Neal, Mr. Manuel (instructor/team leader), Charles Spears, and Robert Smith enjoy a lunch break after working on the Pup.


Team members (L to R) Eric Arnett, Charles Spears, Matthew Neal, Jermaine Smith and Jim Williams square off in the break area debating over whether it is ping-pong or back to work on the Pup.


Stay tuned for more progress on the Sopwith Pup as Team Dallas gets back in gear!


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