Last week the Aviation Institute of Maintenance – Team Chesapeake was working on the lower left wing aft support bracket. This week we completed the welding of the outside cabane struts. They turned out great! Like I mentioned before this is a hands on project with our students and there is a learning curve involved here but now we are working on the right wing and the learning curve is over. Please click on each picture to get a closer look at each item. Check back soon for more exciting pictures of Team Chesapeake’s Nieuport 24 World War One aircraft. We have the most fun here by far, than any other Aviation Maintenance School!

Ready for welding - Team Chesapeake
Ready for welding
Everything in place,left wing - Team Chesapeake
Everything in place,left wing
Fuselage/wing connection - Team Chesapeake
Fuselage/wing connection
Welding completed
Welding completed
Starting on right side - Team Chesapeake
Starting on right side
Outside strut right side - Team Chesapeake
Outside strut right side

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