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Best Aviation School For Aircraft Mechanic Training | AIM

Airline travel is a highly competitive market. Travelers can search a multitude of websites to find the best deal on their airfare. Airlines are continuously searching for ways to entice travelers while still operating a profitable business.  They may begin to charge for in-flight amenities that were once offered free of charge. Reduction of terminal staff may be another strategy to reduce cost. As airlines fight to stay competitive, more cost saving measures may be implemented.

While airlines may seek cost saving measures in many facets of their operations, aircraft safety is one area where the greatest caution must be taken when a reduction in operational costs is considered. Plane and other aircraft must be kept in excellent working condition not only to protect those in the air but lives on the ground as well.

The aircraft mechanic plays a significant role in aircraft safety. While many factors can influence the safety of any given flight, having a well maintained aircraft can greatly diminish these risks.

Employment Overview

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2012, the median annual salary as an aircraft mechanic averages $55,230 with a median average hourly wage of $26.55. The 10 year employment outlook is expected to remain steady. While those interested in entering the field of aviation repair and maintenance may not have prior experience in the field, they still may train for this career at an FAA accredited training school.

Getting Trained As An Aircraft Mechanic

There are basic requirements the FAA requires of  potential candidates. You must be 18 years of age and have a complete understanding of the English language. You must pass a written, oral and practical test as part of the certification process.

Choosing a School

Use care when selecting an aviation maintenance and repair training school.  The institute must be fully accredited by the FAA. Review locations and hours the classes are held.  Find out if the school offers financial aid, job placement and other student services. Research the school’s reputation on the Internet and by contacting current and former students.

At the Top of Your List…

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance should be one of your first considerations if you are looking for a career in this field. This FAA certified school offers a comprehensive training program at a number of locations across the nation. You will receive guidance throughout your time at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance from the initial contact to completion of the program of study.

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance has 11 locations across the United States in such vibrant cities as Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Dallas.  The curriculum consists of courses in technical engineering, technician electronics and aviation maintenance technician.  Aviation structure and combination welding.  Each location has specific areas of concentration so you may want to review review the  course list at different campuses.  Each class features both an academic and practical educational experience so you will  leave the school with knowledge of the latest technology in aviation maintenance.

As a Aircraft Mechanic Student

The Aviation School of Maintenance guides each student from initial contact through graduation. Your admission representative will assist with enrollment and discuss your career plans. Academic assistance is available to ensure you have a complete understanding of the course material.

As you near graduation, the school will help you prepare for entering the field of aviation maintenance with advice on resume composition, interview coaching and job search technics. They will hold mock interview sessions to help you make the best possible impression upon potential employers. You will have the opportunity to meet industry representitives as they are invited to visit campuses and meet those soon to graduate.

Financing Your Future

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance is recognized as an accredited school by the United States Department of Education. This allows students to apply for federal student loans, grants and scholarships. If you have served or are currently serving in the military, your admissions representative may guide you to additional sources of funding.

If you are searching for an interesting, evolving career, consider aviation maintenance. It is a field that requires both academic knowledge with practical, hands-on abilities. Aviation maintenance is a skill that can used in almost any location throughout the nation and the job market is expected to remain steady in upcoming years.

For more information about aviation maintenance training, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance Aircraft Mechanic School Programs is where you can learn more. Visit our Consumer Information Disclosure page, Gainful Employment Disclosure and Consumer Information.

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