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It was a very proud week for AIM Dallas. Students, local veteran organizations, the Irving Chamber of Commerce and others came out to celebrate the exciting new addition to their campus—the Veteran Resource Center. With such a strong student population of veterans, the entire AIM team wanted to give those students a special place of their own.

The Veteran Resource Center is expected to not only serve as a one-stop shop for VA student questions such as medical benefits, coping with civilian life, PTSD, etc., but it will also serve as a hang-out area. Complete with magazines, periodicals and newspapers, leather couches, Wi-Fi and four accessible computers, they’ll be able to chill out during breaks and use the provided resources for academic or personal purposes. AIM Dallas also plans to host monthly guest speakers, a veteran monthly spotlight if you will, from veteran organizations all over the area.

You can never give too much back to the men and women who’ve given our country everything! Thank you for your service and we look forward to better serving you with our new Veteran Resource Center.

Check out the pics below!





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