AIM Orlando hosted 5 employers last week for their Career Week. Each employer gave a career presentation, conducted interviews & even presented some job offers to our graduates. They were bringing opportunities right to the comfort of our own hangar—how awesome!

Envoy Air, Trans States Airlines, Van Wagner Airship Group, Embraer and PlaneTechs all had recruiters do a remarkable job presenting and speaking with the students, graduates and pending graduates. Over the course of the 4-day event, more than 30 grads received interviews and multiple job offers came out of the week.

It was great to see our graduates walk away each day with a huge smile on their face. Most, if not all, were either offered positions or second interviews.  Way to go AIM Orlando graduates! Everything went so well that each employer that attended asked to return to AIM Orlando for future recruiting and we, of course, said YES!

Thank you to all of our grads for being such incredible representations of what AIM is all about—AIM-ing for success. And congratulations to those Orlando grads that are sitting pretty with their dream jobs clasped in their hands. You deserve it!

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